09/29/2019 in the restaurant “Yakitoria” ⛩ (Nikolaev) my first personal exhibition was held in my hometown. Since 2005, many joint exhibitions have already taken place in different cities and countries, but in my native Mykolaiv there was not one. Very often, my friends asked me to show pictures, and then exclaimed: “Well, when will we see all this beauty at the exhibition ?!” So I decided to make an exhibition for my friends. I am very grateful to the Japanese society “Tachikadze” represented by Deputy Chairman Galina Yuryevna Zinovieva for supporting me and decorating my exhibition with their kimonos. My guests had the opportunity to dress up in real Japanese kimonos and feel like the heroes of my works. By the way, it was not just an exhibition, but a small excursion into the history and culture of Japan, with which I am in love. Through the prism of engravings, I told the guests about the period of the Golden Age of Edo, about geisha and samurai, about traditions and unexpected facts, about everything for which I love and admire this great culture so much! I am grateful to all the guests for their kind words, I hope to please you again!