“A Pretty Woman Wiping off her Lipstick”


 For explanation of engravings Toyokuni Utagava

Author technique – embroidery and patches, genre – portrait, baguette framed

Size 30×20, 2008.




Categories: Art Quilting.

Lips play an important role in the geisha’s makeup that is why lips are covered in cherry red or crimson (lipsticks are made from rose and saffron petals). Maiko usually emphasizes the middle part of her lips only, and on the day of her conversion into a sister, the girl only applies lipstick to her underlip. Geisha can apply all shades of red all over her lips and add warm caramel as a lip gloss.There is an ivory comb and an odd number of hairpins in the pretty woman’s hair. It shows that she belongs to courtesans. Her second scarlet kimono suggests the same. 

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