“Under the blanket”


Author’s technique – embroidery and patches,  framed in a baguette frame, size 56 x 36 cm, 2018

“Under the blanket”

Based on the engraving by Utamoro Kitagawa “Sensual Woman with a Young Man”

From the album “Kamatsubuki”

author’s technique ANNA POTRI

size 48x63cm


Japanese artists knew that half-naked bodies excite more than naked. Clothing spoke about the status of partners. That was important. Plus, in the Middle Ages, naked female breasts did not belong to acutely secular attributes. Men were aroused by ears, neck and feet. The emphasis was placed on them. The more protruding the woman’s ears, the more sexy she seemed. The neck was also very important. It is no coincidence that it is the geisha’s kimono collar that exposes it today. The courtesans should have flaunted their feet. A protruding thumb emphasized the woman’s sexuality. Pay attention to the feet of the partners in the shung pictures. The toes of their toes are now compressed, now they are funny fanning out, symbolizing the fire of passions. At the same time, they live completely separate from the facial expressions of lovers.


Categories: Art Quilting.

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