Works of art are bought for different reasons. Some people collect them expecting that this artist will become popular someday, the others put their money profitably, and the third just buy such things for pleasure and they become their own “masterpieces”.  Decoration of your home or office can also be the motive. Pleasure is, probably, the main incentive for buying pictures of contemporary artists. In museums and at art exhibitions you can only watch and admire works of art, but purchasing them you can possess them and enjoy, you can feel the living energy of both the author and the work.

The basic interest in buying the works of modern art is the chance to know everything, or almost everything, about the process or the idea of the creation of this or that canvas from the creator himself – from the artist. Thus, the collector has not just got a picture or a sculpture, but a work of art with its biography…

Art quilt takes me two months or more to create one work. I hardly say that it is difficult, no it isn’t. The process of creation is my pleasure, quite a laborious though.

Any works are in demand. So are mine. I generally work to order. Many of the works that are represented in the gallery are already in private collections. I can’t afford the luxury of a repeat. Every work is unique and is made in a single exemplar. But if you like the topic, I can offer something that will move you even more. I made my works to order after the author’s drafts in African and Spanish styles, chic surrealism became a decoration for a banquet room. The cost of my works is not determined by their sizes, but by their laboriousness. If among the works in the gallery you saw the one that touched you, or you want to present your near and dear with an expensive and exclusive gift, just write to me, and I am sure that you will find your “masterpiece” here. This work will give you as much pleasure as many stitches I made to create it. Because while being made, it is taking in so much of my warmth, love, and happiness that, I am sure, it will give them back for many years.

Yours, Anna Potri